The Spirit Of Japan

The Spirit Of Japan

Whisky That Reflects The Nature Of Japan And The Spirit Of Japanese Craftsmanship.

A genuine collector’s item, Yamazaki is the oldest Japanese single malt ever bottled from the country’s oldest distillery. This incredible release is proof of that.

A 1960 vintage matured in a Mizunara barrel overseen by Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii and a 1964 vintage aged in a white oak cask to signify the year his son, Keizo Saji, succeeded him as second-generation Master Blender, are married in this 55-year-old single malt.

In keeping with his motto, Shinji Torii set out to “create a perfect whisky that reflects the nature of Japan and the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship.” Every detail of this highly sought-after bottle has been taken into account. For instance, the flavors of whisky do not usually change much after thirty years; but, in order to combat this, the barrels were frequently relocated to cooler regions, which caused the maturation process to slow down and gave the whisky a more complex taste.

Even more special is the presentation: a Japanese crystal bottle topped with an engraved ’55’ decorated with maki-e, the traditional Japanese method of sprinkling gold powder on lacquerware; handmade Echizen washi paper bound by Kyo-kumihimo plaited cord, a traditional craft from Kyoto; and a presentation box made of native Japanese Mizunara wood coated in Suruga lacquer, which represents the pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship.

This historic release was limited to 200 bottles. In June 2020, a bottle lottery held exclusively in Japan was used to sell the first 100. The names of the winners were inscribed on these bottles. Only 100 unpersonalised bottles remained for the global release in 2021.

This stunning bottle is part of the worldwide release, thus it can’t be personalized, maintaining its original beauty and elegance. A very special set of tasting glasses that were only available at the global premiere are included, and they come beautifully packaged to complement the release.

“I often view other extra-aged whiskies as art, but I consider Yamazaki 55 to be more like a Buddhist statue – calm and mysterious, requiring time to truly enjoy the inner beauty,” stated Shinji Fukuyo, the distillery’s fifth Master Blender and current Master Blender, in regards to this release.

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