Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few brief responses to some of the most frequent queries from our clients.

I've lost my login name/password - what do I do?

If you've lost your login name or password, our websites have a "forgot password" or "forgot username" feature that allows you to reset your information. Look for this option on the login page on our website and accessit, or contact us through customer support for further assistance. It's important to verify your identity before any password reset or account recovery processes are initiated.

I've moved house, how do I change my address details?

Sign in as normal here and when at 'My Account' page click to the 'Address Book' section. You can change your invoice address, as well as store multiple delivery addresses.

Do you ship to the UK?

Yes, we have a very reliable service that ensures all duties and taxes are paid up front within the delivery charge. Unfortunately, there are a few Address that we cannot ship to – please see the delivery section for details.

How much does shipping cost?

The costs of overseas parcels and outer lying US areas are based on weight and delivery destination. Create your basket and it will automatically calculate the shipping for you. For cost details please check out our delivery page.

Can I reserve stock that has not yet been released?

We do not allow customers to pre-reserve allocated stock. This is for the practical reason that customers often know about upcoming releases before the distillers have told us what our allocation will be, or indeed the cost price of the whisky. There is therefore a risk of over-selling, or not having any of these exciting products to put on sale to the public. So, we do not take pre-orders or reservations and announce on our website when we have new releases to give everyone a fair chance.

Can I purchase items that are “Out of Stock” on the website?

No. The site will only allow you to buy products that are showing as in stock. As we take payment when you order, we would prefer you only paid for stock that is showing as in stock. Please email us for timescales on items returning to stock.

How long does delivery take?

Once an order has been despatched (which is not always immediate), then delivery takes 1-3 working days for most US addresses, 2-5 days for other US State and 1-2 weeks for other regions of the world. Please note that we use third party courier companies, so we cannot guarantee delivery timescales.

Can I add a gift message?

Yes - once you have added a product to a basket and clicked 'Proceed to Checkout' you will have the option to send the parcel as a gift and add a gift message while progressing through the order process.

Can I deliver to a third party?

Yes - once you have added a product to a basket and clicked 'Proceed to Checkout' you will have the option to change the delivery address for the order while progressing through the order process.

There are so many whiskies, how do I choose?

It's all about personal taste - for some of our favourites, try the Staff Favourites section for ideas. Alternatively, all our staff have a passion for the product, so feel free to email us here or call us.

How do you sell limited edition stock?

The whisky industry releases an amazing array of limited edition whiskies, and sometimes demand outstrips supply. We operate a first-come, first served policy releasing stock on our website, often announcing this. If there is very high demand we restrict the number of bottles each customer can buy so the allocated stock is shared out. If a product is allocated to us by a supplier, we sell it all and do not hoard stock (the one exception to this is our own bottling, for which we keep a small company archive).

Do I have to pay VAT on products being sent outside the US?

No, however you will be subject to tax and excise duty at the destination's local rate. Any additional fees will be charged separately by our courier who will contact you directly.

Can I cancel my order? If so, how do I do this?

Yes. If a parcel has already been dispatched we cannot refund delivery but if the items are returned undamaged, or have not left our warehouse, then we can refund any order. Please see the delivery and returns page for details.