Tales of Macallan - Volume 1

Tales of Macallan – Volume 1

The Tales of Macallan series has been released to celebrate the trailblazing luminaries from Macallan history.

Legends of Macallan The first real caretaker, Captain John Grant, is profiled in Volume 1. Living and working on the Easter Elchies Estate, Captain John paved the path for the development of the modern Macallan.

The land, which housed the notorious Easter Elchies home, was left to Captain John by his ancestors. John added a second story and redesigned the home around 1700. He also contributed to the advancement of agriculture and farming, which anticipated the establishment of The Macallan Distillery.

The whisky was aged an amazing 71 years when it was bottled in 2021, having been produced in 1950. It is hidden inside an almanac book that relates the tales of Captain John Grant’s stay on the Easter Elchies estate and is housed in a handcrafted Lalique crystal decanter.

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